Stemma V4 #1 is ready now!

Stemma V4#1

The first new issue of Stemma in 13 years is ready for download.

In this new issue you will find:

-A report on new collections of Philippine hoya species from Farley & Dia Baricuatro;

-A study on the history and correct nomenclature of Hoya carnosa ‘Compacta’ from Rachel Colette Conroy;

-An article detailing new detection and prevention policies on flat mites in Hoya collections from Rebecca Lance;

-One new cultivar, Hoya ‘Erik’ from Gardino Nursery;

-and a series of montages showing the floral anatomy of Hoya ‘Sunset’ and its parents Hoya obscura and Hoya lacunosa from Vespirs Blake Hackney.

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